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Jack Charlton founded Charlton Outdoor Technologies, Inc. in 1991 and by 1993, the first Charlton fly reel was introduced to anglers.  Designed with painstaking care and precision, the reels merged new technologies with robust engineering and beautiful aesthetics.  The reels were manufactured in limited quantities until 2003.
On June 9, 2011, Jack Charlton passed away but his reels would go on to become the most noteworthy product of his engineering career.  To this day, Charlton reels are still some of the finest and most respected instruments in the fishing community. Some of the reels have gone on public auction selling for well over $25,000. The remaining originally manufactured reels belong to the Mayfly Outdoors, most of them unopened since the day they were hand assembled.

DESIGN"One Lifetime. One Reel."

Sealed Carbon Fiber Drag
Charlton reels contain a carbon fiber disk drag, the same material used in break systems for military B2 bombers and Formula 1 racing cars. The advantages for fly reels are simple: the drag material allows the angler to maintain constant line pressure, critical to landing all species in sport fishing. Additionally, carbon fiber will not fade from excessive compression or heat. Housed in a hydraulically sealed enclosure and a surrounded by a bulletproof hard anodized Type III finish, Charlton reels require no maintenance. 

Precision Internals
All Charlton’s have a shaft driven, multi-disk system run on precision bearings. The 8000 Series reels have an Antiwear Compensation Device (ACD), which adjusts to accommodate disk pressure and force allowing a large calibrated drag knob to produce precise settings.
Configurable Technology
Charlton invented the configurable reel in 1996.  The design quickly won the prestigious IFTD "Best in Show" award and became a staple in the Charlton line-up. Configurable technology made it possible to fish reels in sizes one thru "offshore" on a single frame. By simply snapping another spool onto the spindle, an angler can constantly change capacity for different fishing conditions and line weights.

All features are combined into a single, superior fly fishing instrument based on Charlton philosophy of "One Lifetime. One Reel."

September 16, 1946 - June 9, 2011
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